E-Guardo Smart DefenderWebLogger AddLoginFail Method (IPAddress)E-Guardo Web Logger API Documentation
Use this method to add new failed connection for given IP Address in E-Guardo Smart Defender. E-Guardo will count this fails and will be block this IP Address when the block count is reached. You must provide valid settings to connect server.Please look at the ServiceAddress, ApplicationName and SecurityKey properties for more information.

Namespace: GuardoWebLogger
Assembly: GuardoWebLogger (in GuardoWebLogger.dll) Version: (

public static bool AddLoginFail(
	IPAddress ActionIP
public static boolean AddLoginFail(
	IPAddress ActionIP


Type: OnlineSystem.Net IPAddress
An IP Address which will be added to Login Fails in E-Guardo Smart Defender

Return Value

true if login fail added for given IP Address in E-Guardo Smart Defender

This method is not block an IP Address directly. E-Guardo counts up to the block limit and then blocks the IP Address. Can be used and type of application. You just need to supply a valid IP Address to add Black List. For applications which can access HttpContext, you can use overloaded method which takes no input and auto discovers IP Address from current http request. This method is thread safe.

bool IsNewLoginFailAdded = AddLoginFail(System.Net.IPAddress.Parse(""));// Add new login fail for given IP Address in E-Guardo Smart Defender
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