About Us

With 13 years of experience in the Data Center business, we've analysed many appliances and software for securing hundreds of customer servers. Even if a system was expensive, useless or primitive, we have found the solution by designing our own software to protect our customers from Brute Force attacks, SQL injections and so on.

Two years ago, when we started working on the software, a real protection for the Remote Desktop did not exist. We realized that most of the threats were focusing on poor coding, obsolete software and weak passwords. The project was meant to be programmed solely for our data center customers. Eventually, our software became indispensable as the additional services such as IIS, MS FTP and MSSQL added to the project, with the feedback from our customers we decided to promote the project with the name eguardo. We have reached thousands of IP addresses blocked within the global black list in just one week.

eguardo is not only a bunch of software, it is designed to be modular enough to protect every service with its API and starts protecting your computer instantly as it is bundled with a global blacklist consisting of thousands of IP addresses gathered from our customers.

VeriTeknik was founded in 2000 by Cem Karaca, MS degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with deep experince in low level socket programming and C++. While Telecom branch of the company housing hundreds of servers, I.T. branch became a worldwide provider for Advanced Digital Signal Processing, network security appliances and software.

Lead Programmer: Ergun Ozyurt
Technical Supervisor: M. Emre Aydin
Web Development: Ahmet Polat

VeriTeknik Locations:
Amsterdam:VeriTeknik B.V.: Kingsfordweg 151 Sloterdijk 1043GR
Ankara:Veriteknik Bilisim Ltd.: Fatih Sultan Mahallesi 2365 sokak No:7 Etimesgut