Welcome to eguardo Free BlackList API

For System Admins & individual customers

This page is devoted to share information with eguardo customers and the Internet security community. Information provided is more technical in nature, and geared towards IT and system administrators.

The eguardo securty family has filled an important gap in the MS Windows desktop operating systems with it's "Smart Defender" solution approach. Yet, a majority of applications and web sites on the internet are hosted on servers. Also there are a lot of scenarios which technically don't allow running the "eguardo Smart Defender" - like unix based servers.

That's why the eguardo Free XML Black List API was developed in the first place and brought to you for free...

eguardo Free XML Black List API shares information received from thousands of "eguardo Smart Defender" users to protect your system. The integration is very simple and thorough with a few steps. You can find example codes and ready-to-use plug-in's on our web site.

eguardo provides add-ons for SharePoint, WordPress and for many more platforms on the web. To access this add-ons please follow our project on CodePlex

To access the eguardo Free XML Black List API you need ro register from the Client Area . You can get your customer id from the "My Information" page after registration. This customer id and password will be necessary to use the eguardo Free XML Black List API.

For more information, please read our documentation.

Service access will be granted within 24 hours, approval is subject to eguardo e.RBL usage policies.


  • Eventually, we were searching such an application to protect our servers without spending thousands of dollars. Worth an application money can buy. Give it a try!

    Tony Butcher - CEO, Tribiq

  • Essential if you have to open RDP to the world. As a system administrator, I have to reach our to the server from anywhere, as a result leaving services open to the world, we found the solution and we were surprised when we see hundreds of attacks coming through our server everyday.

    Mehmet Ali Demirci, CTO, Sunucupark.com

  • I know staff having weak passwords for e-mail, user accounts and several times we faced nasty situations. Never let anybody to test for weak passwords, sooner or later they beat it. e.guardo is blocking those automated scanning systems for us.

    Jane Edmudson - WebSystem

  • Searching for a better and cheaper protection than e.guardo? unplug your Internet. If you cannot, buy the software.

    Richard Harris - EquaLine