Application Programming Interface and Integration (eguardo Web Logger API)

eguardo Developer API

eguardo Smart Defender provides a very unique and valuable security mechanism to application developers with its application programming interface available at Professional Edition. During installation, by using the software library (GuardoWebLogger.dll) at the Developer folder, you can protect your custom written applications with eguardo.

Basicaly, you can call eguardo Web Logger API from your login page, registration page or any input page to protect your system.

For instance you have a login page for authenticating users. If any user fails during authentication, you can call eguardo Web Logger API to inform that user is failed authentication (AddLoginFail method). eguardo will count this fails. After a specified count and time, eguardo will block user's IP address for a specified time. You can also block user directly without waiting (BlockIPDirectly or BlackListIPDirectly methods). If user successfully authenticates, then you can call eguardo Web Logger API to clear users failed requests(ResetFailCounters method).

You can find a sample Microsoft C# solution at the Developer folder located in the installation path.

Along with Microsoft .Net based languages, (C#, VB.Net, J#, F#, C++ etc.) also Java, PHP, classical ASP and many more languages are supported.


  • The software to be integrated and eguardo Smart Defender has to run on the same computer. For example, if you want to protect your web site with eguardo, you need to install eguardo Smart Defender Standard Edition on the server where your web site is located.

  • eguardo does not block local IP addresses. Therefore you should run your tests from a different IP address.

  • The access the API references, please follow this link.


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      Mehmet Ali Demirci, CTO,

    • I know staff having weak passwords for e-mail, user accounts and several times we faced nasty situations. Never let anybody to test for weak passwords, sooner or later they beat it. e.guardo is blocking those automated scanning systems for us.

      Jane Edmudson - WebSystem

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