eguardo Personal Edition

Suitable for any computer directly accessible from the net.

If your computer at work or at home directly accessible from the net for several reasons, you need to take action to protect your computer from external treats such as brute force, SQL Injections, or Denial of Service. Native protection systems may not be enough as they are rule based and does not take action on the characteristic of the attack.

eguardo is not a firewall!

eguardo is designed in a manner to protect your computer triggered by an unusual event.
To do that so, eguardo listens every connection on supported services and take actions on native Windows Firewall.

Complete solution against Brute Attacks!

Especially Remote Desktop Services offer a wide range of security mechanisms including (TLS, SSL, NLA, etc) but non of the mechanisms declared protect brute froce attemps into your RDP system.
Personal Edition typically protects and offers the services below:

eguardo Personal Edition Features

Desktop Operating Systems
Remote Desktop Protection
Microsoft FTP Protection
Microsoft SQL Server Protection
Firewall Scheduling
Daily & Weekly reports
Display treats on map & traceroute
Local Black List
Local White List
Global Black List
Automatic Definition Updates*
Automatic Software Updates*
* subject to license terms & duration
Beside protecting your computer, eguardo offers useful tools to simplify your security tasks such as firewall scheduler; Suppose that you don't want your computer to be accessible through the net after 6 PM to 6 am, you can schedule this example with eguardo with a few clicks.


  • Eventually, we were searching such an application to protect our servers without spending thousands of dollars. Worth an application money can buy. Give it a try!

    Tony Butcher - CEO, Tribiq

  • Essential if you have to open RDP to the world. As a system administrator, I have to reach our to the server from anywhere, as a result leaving services open to the world, we found the solution and we were surprised when we see hundreds of attacks coming through our server everyday.

    Mehmet Ali Demirci, CTO,

  • I know staff having weak passwords for e-mail, user accounts and several times we faced nasty situations. Never let anybody to test for weak passwords, sooner or later they beat it. e.guardo is blocking those automated scanning systems for us.

    Jane Edmudson - WebSystem

  • Searching for a better and cheaper protection than e.guardo? unplug your Internet. If you cannot, buy the software.

    Richard Harris - EquaLine