eguardo Professional Edition

eguardo Professional Edition has two additional main difference from standard edition. These are,

Heuristic Protection

Heuristic Protection is advanced technology for detecting attacks before they start. eguardo Heuristic detectors watches network connections and detects malicious actions over your network. Heuristic detectors also catches port scanners and blocks them automaticaly on firewall.

eguardo Integration API

eguardo Smart Defender provides a very unique and valuable security mechanism to application developers with its application programming interface available at Professional Edition. During installation, by using the software library (GuardoWebLogger.dll) at the Developer folder, you can protect your custom written applications with eguardo.

Basicaly, you can call eguardo Web Logger API from your login page, registration page or any input page to protect your system.

For instance you have a login page for authenticating users. If any user fails during authentication, you can call eguardo Web Logger API to inform that user is failed authentication (AddLoginFail method). eguardo will count this fails. After a specified count and time, eguardo will block user's IP address for a specified time. You can also block user directly without waiting (BlockIPDirectly or BlackListIPDirectly methods). If user successfully authenticates, then you can call eguardo Web Logger API to clear users failed requests(ResetFailCounters method).

Professional Edition typically protects and offers the services below:

eguardo Professional Edition Features

Heuristic Protection
Custom Applications, any web, webservice, desktop or mobile application
Forward attack info to custom services or web Url
Desktop Operating Systems
Server Operating Systems
Remote Desktop Protection
Microsoft FTP Protection
Microsoft SQL Server Protection
MySQL Server Protection (V5.7 And Upper)
Microsoft IIS Protection
Microsoft Asp.Net WebForms Protection
Microsoft SMTP Server
Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)
Microsoft Sharepoint Portal
Microsoft CRM Server
Microsoft Lync Server
URLScan Integration
Firewall Scheduling
Audit Only Option
Daily & Weekly reports
Dashboard with Graphical Stats & Maps
Instant Firewall Event Viewer
Drag & Drop Interface
Display Treats on Map & Traceroute
Local Black List
Local White List
Global Black List
Automatic Definition Updates*
Automatic Software Updates*
* subject to license terms & duration


  • Eventually, we were searching such an application to protect our servers without spending thousands of dollars. Worth an application money can buy. Give it a try!

    Tony Butcher - CEO, Tribiq

  • Essential if you have to open RDP to the world. As a system administrator, I have to reach our to the server from anywhere, as a result leaving services open to the world, we found the solution and we were surprised when we see hundreds of attacks coming through our server everyday.

    Mehmet Ali Demirci, CTO,

  • I know staff having weak passwords for e-mail, user accounts and several times we faced nasty situations. Never let anybody to test for weak passwords, sooner or later they beat it. e.guardo is blocking those automated scanning systems for us.

    Jane Edmudson - WebSystem

  • Searching for a better and cheaper protection than e.guardo? unplug your Internet. If you cannot, buy the software.

    Richard Harris - EquaLine